What is the biggest win ever at a non gamstop sites?

When a player is decided to play in a non gamstop casino, the first goal that everyone got in mind is to win big and have extra cash to fulfill other life’s dreams. The games are developed with some challenges but some players are smart that work hard to win every day. Registering to a site, not on a gamstop network gives a wide array of bonuses and rewards and that alone is already a win for the players. They do this program because they want to let players feel that the moment they opt to play, a winning environment is possible.

They also make sure that a responsible gaming attitude can be obtained so that they would not end up broke or being bankrupt. This mindset is done as part of the disciplinary mission of every casino site that is not part of the gamstop network. Once punters have put this into practice then they’ll have a clear goal of playing, being satisfied, and winning the prizes they want.

Winning at sites not registered on gamstop

Punters who are always playing at bookmakers not on gamstop aim to win as many prizes they can get every day. As they said newbies have the first-timer luck but those frequent player has already learned and built their technique. The skills they enhance can especially the gambling discipline can make them reach their daily winning target. Let us see some of the successful individuals who got a big win at sites, not on gamstop.

One of the biggest wins in the casino industry until this date is about 17,879,645 euros which dated back in October 2015. This history has been put to the Guinness Book of Records. John Heywood is the lucky title holder, an ordinary soldier who at that time is only 26 years old. That day he only have 25 spins and he got the jackpot in 7 minutes. Eventually, after winning, he resigned from service and spend his earnings as his retirement.

The second big win is about 17,861,800 euros at non gamsta op casino site by a 40 years old resident of Helsinki Finland. During the day, he just decided to play and be entertained, he go for slots with a fair bet of 0.25 euros, then at the end of the day, he eventually take home the jackpot. He does this just by playing half an hour and the rest is history.

On September 24, 2011, a 20 years old student from Hordaland Norway won one of the biggest online casino prizes of 11 million Euros. That night after going out to a cinema, he decided to play, usually, he bet on a sport games, but when he sees the Mega Fortune jackpot he chose to go with it. Playing with a spin reward he hit the jackpot, and this is one piece of evidence that bonuses given can go as far as winning the big prize.

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