Wagering requirements at non gamstop casinos

The ever-growing casino industry in the world, which is about to hit a staggering $128 billion in 2027, indeed attracted many non GAMSTOP casinos to operate. Simultaneously, these casinos not registered with GAMSTOP have lowered their wagering requirements to attract more players. If you’re a new player, here’s what you need to know about wagering requirements. 

In the most basic sense, a wager is a bet. However, what exactly does “wager” entail in your online casino? The amount of money you put up with each hand of cards is the spin of the reels or sports match you are wagering. As a general term, it can also refer to the total amount of money that you wager during a session or a given length of time.

No matter where you choose to play online, you’ll find a variety of bonus offers when you first sign up or take advantage of a promotion at an existing casino. 

These include things like free spins, free bets, and cash rewards. However, before hitting that sign-up button when playing online, make sure you read the wagering requirements these sites are offering. Wagering requirements are the strings attached to the deals (like these bonuses). To cash out the bonus or any wins generated from it, you must meet a set of wagering requirements. 

What are the common stipulations regarding the wagering requirements of non GAMSTOP casinos?

Betting sites, not on GAMSTOP also have the advantage of being unaffiliated with the government of the United Kingdom. This means they do not impose any restrictions on participants and can accept players from any country. These make them more attractive to many – a much-relaxed wagering requirement. 

So, what are the wagering requirements you can enjoy with bookies, not on GAMSTOP?

First, Non GAMSTOP casinos have lower wagering requirements than those affiliated under GAMSTOP. Most of them are 1x up to 30x before you can withdraw and collect the bonus, compared to GAMSTOP casinos with a higher rollover, equivalent to 50x. Second, most GAMSTOP casinos accept other forms of payments like digital currencies. Since most of them are outside the UK, they don’t mind accepting BTC and other alternative coins. Last, non GAMSTOP casinos have their own scheme with durations from 6 to 12 months. A player who mentions “self-exclusion” in the subject line and explains why will send an email to support. After a maximum of 24 hours, the casino will cancel the player’s account.

Remember, always read the terms and conditions of the wagering requirements before playing. It will help you understand the bonuses offered, withdraw and collect credits and wins, and opt-out of your account. Ironically, you can also find non-wagering casinos. No-wager casinos are growing more popular because their bonuses are less restrictive, but you won’t typically see a lot of free money from these casinos either.


Non GAMSTOP casinos offer more bonuses and exciting games for newbie and experienced players. As long as you take the time to comprehend these wagering requirements, you will enjoy these deals without any hassle on your part. 

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