How to get casino comp points at non gamstop casinos?

Playing at casinos not on GAMSTOP, has proven to have many advantages. One of these is earning casino comp points. Comp is an abbreviation for “complimentary.” Comps are freebies that casinos and other gambling establishments give you in exchange for your business. The more your bet, the more you get when it comes to comps.

Comps can be easier to talk about when you know what “action” means. Being “in action” just means that you have money on the line for any kind of bet. There’s also the amount of money you have a bet. It can also be about how much money you bet over time. 

One must understand that the goal of comp is to make casinos earn a following using a loyalty scheme. And most of these non GAMSTOP casinos make it easier for players by signing them up automatically whenever they play. Win or lose, and regardless of the bet amount, players earn comp, which can be converted into playing credits. 

However, always remember that most casinos require that a player has played for a specific amount of time and at a certain level before they may receive comps; the length of play and amount wagered are closely related to the level of expected comps.

Ways you can get casino comp faster

Whatever the betting sites not on GAMSTOP you play, these are the general tips on how to earn casino comp faster. 

The first thing you need to do is play games that are high-paying percentages, like slots. Even while playing slots with a high payout means you’ll get more of your money back, in the long run, this is only true if you play for an extended period. Customers who play slot machines are a big draw for casinos. A major portion of the casino’s revenue is generated by these players. In addition to weekenders and high rollers, slots draw regular and “middle income” players who will likely sit and play their favorites for long sessions, providing a consistent stream of money.

Therefore, if you put in the time and effort on the slots, you may be able to earn your comps faster than if you played poker.

Second, showing a bigger wager and bankroll gives you more chance of earning higher comp points. This is a no-brainer since it allows more bets on your chosen games. Even in an actual land casino, comps differ. If you gamble, how long or frequently, how much you lose, and what games you play, you’ll get a ‘present’ based on these criteria. 


New customers are given the lowest prizes at online casinos. However, it is possible to fast boost the number of points won by advancing to a new level. The only drawback is that you’ll have to play more to rise in the ranks. Maintaining a specific level may necessitate collecting a certain number of points each month. While it’s fine to play more than you normally would to get a higher VIP level, don’t go overboard. 

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