How long does the gamstop ban last?

Through the course of time gambling has been part of people’s lives especially in the UK, and little did they know the addiction stick easily once they taste a winning good amount of prizes. Playing on casinos not on gamstop added opportunities to punters because they can play unlimited chances and get huge rewards once they signed up. Those frequent players and newbies usually have one goal and that is to win, little did they know that there will be a time that loses will occur and it is proven to drag them down to debt when do not know how to pause or stop.

Those who think that betting more once they lose is a good idea, chasing their money that has been on a losing streak is a bad mindset and it usually destroys the lives of players. Responsible gaming is needed when a player decided to gamble, this is needed so that they can have control over their accounts and finances.

For some who are looking for help, the government has approved a self-exclusion program or what they call Gamstop. This is a good project that already helped thousands of players to get back from their addiction and learn the discipline of playing.

Gamstop program timeframe 

Gamstop is a self-exclusion program that is developed to help players to avoid online gambling and their addiction. All the licensed casino operators from the UK are ordered to include Gamstop in their business in order to monitor their clients’ status when it comes to gaming. Their main mission is the welfare of every punter that are into online gambling. When they signed up to Gamstop it will prevent them from accessing online casinos that are licensed in the UK and even those future ones that are about to open.

When a player signed up for Gamstop they have to provide their full name, date of birth, the mobile number that they use in registering to online casinos, permanent address, and the email address that is registered on the casino site. They are also required to choose a minimum exclusion period which goes from 6 months, 1 year to 5 years. This option is given to them because it is backed with a study by the governing body and they know from that period players will gain discipline by being in the self-exclusion program. Given a chance that they entered the Gamstop program and as time goes by they are already doing well and feel that they are already in control of their addiction and want to try playing, the rule is they cannot cut short the period of the avail.

On a lighter note, betting site not with gamstop is another option they can try because it accepts people even those who are still under gamstop program and this is the place where a punter can test their gambling discipline if it is already working. The betting industry welcomes this program because it targets the welfare of players and it bring check and balance to all.

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