How is RTP calculated at non gamstop casinos?

If you’re into playing games in non gamstop casinos or just wondering how these casinos don’t give everything you wagered if you won, you may have come across the term RTP. RTP is the term used by casinos that stands for Return to Player. In a nutshell, the RTP tells you how much the payout percentage is in the games. However, how are they being calculated? Does RTP vary depending on different games? And why should you understand these three letters?

What is RTP? Return to Player is the term used by online casinos that tells you how much money a casino gives back to you after betting for a certain period if you win. Return to Player is expressed in percentage, and the higher the RTP a game offers and the more often it is, the higher your chance of winning more money for a certain period. However, you should remember that the RTP value may differ from the other.

Does RTP vary depending on different games? Depending on what games you’re playing, the RTP may be different from the other games your gambler buddies are playing. For instance, if you’re playing table games, the RTP or referred to as the House Advantage in the case of table games may be different from your buddies who’re playing Slots that may offer higher RTP or lower RTP.

How do you calculate RTP at non-gamstop casinos?

If you’re into betting sites not on gamstop, you may encounter a problem if you’re trying to calculate the RTP. Most online casinos may not show you the actual RTP of their games, especially on slots. However, if you’re persistent, there’s a way to find out. You can check their percentage of return via their public certificates. Usually, these documents were issued by independent organizations. If you want to calculate the RTP, you will have nothing to worry about as long as your non-gamstop casinos have these documents. However, if they don’t, you might as well stay away from that casino since these documents show their credibility and reliability.

In the case of slots, you can calculate the RTP using a simple equation: total amount won divided by the total amount wagered. Assuming a particular slot in an online non-gamstop casino offers 90% RTP, it suggests that if you spend $50 and place $1 each spin, you’ll end up having $45 after that 50 spins. Here’s the kicker in RTP, it suggests you would always lose a percentage of your wagered money. However, note that it may not be the case sometimes. Why? If your odds are good, you might win jackpots and huge prizes that you will not have to consider RTP. That is why if you win a jackpot, you have the highest RTP percentage.

Final Thoughts

Casino statistics are based on hundreds or thousands of random events. Contrary to what your gambler buddies told you, you can’t expect to win big even if you spend a thousand bucks while praying that you’re into the perfect period of gaming. Also, since RTP is a theoretical statistical calculation, you don’t have to take it too literally. Your big win is entirely dependent on your luck. Remember, the higher the RTP is, and the more often it is, the higher the money you can win for a certain period.

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