Do other countries have software like gamstop?

Gamstop is a self-exclusion program that has been developed to help UK citizens who are battling gambling addiction. This has been approved by the government because they see that more people are going broke due to a lack of betting discipline. Data shows that when a player is on a losing streak and doesn’t know how to stop, then the worse can happen and it can ruin their lives. This is the mission of the self-exclusion program, a software develop and approved by the government to aid players to get back on their feet. In the UK, there is gamstop, and other software also exists covering other countries. Some may have a question, what if in the middle of the program and players feel that they can already manage to play again, where can they bet?

If this thing arises, then casinos not on gamstop is available for the player all over the world even though they are on a self-exclusion program. Casino operators chose this path for punters to have an option when they look for a platform to play.

Other software like gamstop that cover other countries

Playing at bookies not on gasmtop gives a huge opportunity for bettors to go all-in but on a lighter note when things are getting ugly, they can always choose to go the self-exclusion program available in their country. Here are some of the other software just like gamstop.

Gamban – this is a self-exclusion scheme that started in 2015 and the team is composed of professionals who got first-hand experience in handling gambling addiction. This software has been developed by some of the brightest minds in the software industry to address the gambling problem of players. This can be easily accessed through various device platforms. They also have a live session and this makes a real-time help with a touch.

Betblocker – this is one of the best self-exclusion software because it covers every part of the world. This means that it can reach more people who needed help in terms of betting addiction. They also put a parental control feature which punters can also use to govern them properly. The robust blocking tool that it has will sure help punters to resist temptation and learn the proper discipline in betting which can be life-saving.

Gamblock – this software was initially developed back in year 2000, this prohibits minors to have access to gambling. Through the years it developed and the software has been upscale in giving help to players with gambling addiction.

Netnanny – this software is crafted to give parental control and they are the best in the sector. It has survived for two decades and keeps its reputation in the industry. They have features of blocking pop-ups, detecting the child’s location, search history browsing, and creating a time limit for a certain application.

All of this software here give people hope and renew their views about gambling with discipline. A key to responsible gambling means satisfaction and meeting the player’s welfare.

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