Do non gamstop sites report to any government?

Players are going frenzy on casinos not on gamstop, especially during the pandemic. With the land-based casinos restricted to the public, online casinos have been the relief of the gamblers. However, are they being regulated? Do they have licenses on running their non-gamstop casinos? What is UKGC? Keep on reading to find out more information on whether or not your non-gamstop casino is reporting to the government.

What are non-gamstop sites? Non-gamstop sites are the ones that don’t offer self-exclusion, so you have total control of yourself and the freedom of not being restricted. Most gamblers are located in these sites due to their satisfying features and bonuses. Most of the non-gamstop sites are located offshore(not UK-based). However, if you choose a credible non-gamstop site with a license and permit from an offshore jurisdiction, that is still safe though it isn’t in rare cases.

How are they being regulated? Non-gamstop sites are regulated through unique jurisdictions of the countries it’s situated. For example, in the UK, online casinos, whether gamstop casinos or non-gamstop casinos, need to be licensed with UKGC, but no legislation prevents the players from joining licensed websites elsewhere. What is UKGC? The United Kingdom Gambling Commission is a governing body established with the 2005 Act of parliament. The UKGC’s central formulated part of control was to create procedures for licensing online gaming sites located in the United Kingdom. However, offshore sites may also have licenses from credible commissions, such as Curacao Gaming Commission (CGC).

Do non-gamstop sites report to the government?

Will you be comfortable if your bookies not on gamstop do not report to the government? Luckily, they do. Casinos need licenses to operate, and the government needs to secure the gamblers from illegitimate sites. For this sole reason, the online casinos still report to the government, especially if they’re located in the UK. The United Kingdom has its gambling commission, an executive non-governmental public body of the Government of the UK responsible for keeping the crime out of gambling and protecting the vulnerable. However, this may not be the case in different countries, but regardless, non-gamstop casinos need their licenses and permits, or they’ll be called ‘scams.’

If you have doubts about your non-gamstop sites, you can determine whether they report to the government via their licenses and permits. Suppose a non-gamstop casino registered itself to have licenses and permits to the gambling commission. In that case, the commission has the right to visit the casino’s financial activities and even take regulatory actions to their licensee if it breaches the rules and regulations. However, there might be illegitimate casinos pretending to have all the necessary documents, but it is fake. You should do some extra research if you feel suspicious.

Final Thoughts

There’s nothing to worry about if your non-gamstop casinos are reporting to the government or not. As long as they have their licenses and permits to run their businesses, they’re still reporting to the government, and your protection will always remain intact. Remember, if you’re into non-gamstop casinos, always check their licenses and permits. Avoid being scammed by illegitimate betting on non-gamstop sites. 

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