Can EU Players Join Gamstop UK?

Gamstop is a scheme that promotes self-exclusion on gambling and casino games. Casino sites that are on gamstop will have the capacity to restrict players from playing excessively. This is to help them prevent gambling problems like debt, stress, and addiction. Going through these problems is not easy to get over.

Some would even require rehabilitation from it. This is why many players also prefer playing gamstop casino sites. UK players are used to the rules of gamstop as UK-based casinos are all registered to gamstop. It is understandable to find UK players playing in casinos that are under gamstop. But there are also EU players who would like to join the gamstop UK. Is this possible?

Is Gamstop UK Accessible by EU Players?

Gamstop UK is available to all UK players. They can use it anytime and get all the perks that gamstop can offer. However, if you are an EU player, then you might need to look for another self-exclusion software to use. It is because gamstop UK is not available for EU players. The UK is very strict as it does not want to accept other players except for their players. But if asked whether UK players can use EU casino sites, the answer is yes. EU operators can allow UK players to play on their sites since they are not obliged to be under gamstop. This means that some EU casino sites are not under gamstop and can accept international players at any time.

Therefore, UK players are welcome to play in EU casinos. Even those EU sportsbooks not in gamstop can be accessed by UK players. If you are looking for other operators where you can join as a player, it is best to do your research very well. Those operators that allow not being under gamstop or any other self-restriction scheme can accept even international players. You just have to be careful when joining different casino sites as not all of them are legit. The most important thing to remember when joining casinos not on gamstop is that the site should have a license.

This is an indication that you are joining legit casino sites. This will help you stay away from online scams. EU operators do not need to meet the strict standards of gamstop. This is why they can easily accept players from other regions. Even if the site is not on gamstop, UK players can still join and play in these EU casino sites and enjoy the same perks as other players are enjoying. Just keep in mind to stay responsible when joining and playing in these online casino sites. Whether the site is under or not in gamstop, responsible gambling should always be implemented and practiced.

This is for the players to just have fun with the games offered by the casino site. They will also be able to prevent being in a problematic situation where they are already addicted to gambling which leads to debts and stress. Playing safe and legally is your best way to enjoy what these casino sites offer. 

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